Monday, May 30, 2011

colorful season


cotton loom controlled shibori yardage in the brazilwood pot day 3.this time i did not forget to use  bottled water and the difference in color is's almost fluorescent!! i am taking all the precautions and doing solar dyeing because i don't want to wreck this great color.  and heat is hard to control and ends up destroying the reds, turning them brownish.
it will take however long it takes, but i'm taking care of this baby. it is some sort of an elliptical resource  which started a few days before reading this post,( thank you Cally for the great discussion you've been holding) and this other one, a presentation at ISEND on the paradoxes of marketing natural dyes.

i understand the points raised, in the looking into a standard , but my thinking is that you can't control everything. and the variables or aspects that are not controllable is what gives natural dyes their character. they are living things dependent on water soil quality, sunshine and weather. just like wine.
i think that a lot of responsibility lies in  dyers for educating people. why is it acceptable for a store bought garment, no matter what price range, to fade and it is unacceptable for handmade garments? a fact that coincidentally ties in with the first link dealing with the throw away culture.

 dyers are also responsible for carrying on good mordanting and dyeing practices  away from fashions and trends.  cool aid dyeing??? well it can be fun, but do not expect returning happy customers.
there are cloths some  hundred, a thousand, two thousand years old and the colors albeit muted are still going strong. note the operative word muted not faded, which carries in  it no small difference.

lichens on linen when i dye i always think of sensei, my dyeing super ego. how would she do it? would she approve of a shortcut here? or would she wrinkle her nose and say it's not the japanese way ? i can question experiment, learn,and all of that will make me understand the craft more and learn to respect it. and hopefully become better at it.
it is fun, but it is hard work.

                              lichens on linen

neki desu
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  1. Amazing difference in colour with the bottled water. Looking forward to the next step in the shibori process.

  2. Gorgeous color from the brasilwood!

  3. you can teach an old dog new tricks. or rather, remind an old dog of the tricks she knows! grin!

  4. Anonymous7:37 AM

    I often think of my dyeing sensei.He would not be happy with short cuts, I still measure my dyeing against his standards. Beautiful colour.

  5. That color is just gorgeous!

    I don't have a dyeing sensei, but I have a sewing one. She often reminds me that it's worth taking the extra time to baste things by hand, even with a Rolls Royce sewing machine.

  6. Anonymous2:19 PM

    That's a really interesting post from ISEND. I've been hearing a lot about the conference from different participants and their seem to be as many perspectives as their were delegates! I do think it is strange that people want the "natural" "artisan" product, but not if that means the colour might vary a bit. Still the brazilwood looks fab :-)


interaction appreciated!


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