Monday, May 16, 2011


weave grunge

right now everything around me is in stages. i am even in stages. going through the early spring famished stage. does that happen to you too? i get so incredibly hungry in early spring and fall.

the work above was a weaving sample in the early stages of its life. after lots of painting some machine stitching and collages of sorts all it needs to be finished is that mythical little something that will make it sing  (._.)   sigh!

 this one on the left is at its very early stages.
knit grungea sketch of a work.
a machine knitted linen sample that is in the process of finding its identity. so far it has been swathed in paint while the other layers are under construction.

the weaving is mid stage while the 24 sha loom has finally finished the warping stage. now on to error checking and correcting. curious that i weave much faster on the table loom albeit it being totally manual.
it  most certainly has to do with its bigger shed.

dyeing is also proceeding in stages, the brazilwood silk is already finished, the indigo will start soon and there's also a screenprinting project on the back burner.

even my plants are going through stages.two clematis went down  the president and the viticella minuet but the multi blue came back to life after the bug attack .it's complicated growing clematis here and i'm really looking forward to moving up north and being able to grow them there.

neki desu
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  1. i love the organic yet industrial feel of this.

  2. Anonymous12:26 AM

    the work is really interesting and I love seeing it in stages. my new "president" clematis has 3 big beautiful blooms but my peas and beans have rotted in the ground. It's like Nov. here.

  3. A volte mi sorprende vedere quante cose sei capace di fare allo stesso tempo, ma quante ore hanno le tue giornate?!?

  4. love where you're heading, like the "spontaneity" of this. really interesting and way fun. can't imagine liking the knitting machine


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