Saturday, May 14, 2011

originally posted on thursday may 12 day of blogger mayheim


chugging along. the weave is open, but it will -hopefully- collapse as it's an unmercerised cotton weft on a high twist cotton's a 2/2 twill and the real thang will be achieved, again hopefully, in the dyeing.
spring is a season of hope and promises!

the draft. no rocket science because i'm weaving it on my table loom hence doing the lifts by hand.
i am being taxed more than enough with the other warp which is as mentioned yesterday still in the beaming process. i'm sure you do not want to know why.  if the warp yarn behaves as expected the longish floats where the diamonds flip will create some cool texture.

answered prayers


this yarn finally became the one above.after just two days of sun dyeing. very hot sun and the final trick: more dye liquor :D

spring is indeed a season of hope and promises!

neki desu
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  1. trudy van stralen used to say the trick was lots of dyestuff, anyway, that color is wonderful.

  2. Wonderful colour!

  3. love that first photo, and then the color!


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