Tuesday, May 17, 2011

r&r again

linen wonder

how can those fierce looking gate posts be r&r you may wonder. well  i find machine knitting-from now on mk-stress relieving while  taking time off the loom for  some  physical rest. i need  to administer weaving time wisely if i want to keep on  weaving many more years.
continuing along the grunge line ,the dyeing is yet to be defined .the linen self study is going on and part of the blame  lies on jean. until last year i had not devoted time to understand and work with it. it is a difficult fiber which requires a lot of attention, but it is enormously gratifying to work with. its history is not as romantic and mysterious as silk yet there's some wholesomeness that silk definitely lacks.  
how fascinating the language of fibers!

on the r&r night dept. reading haruki murakami's 1Q84 .surreal as everything by him. and one of his lengthy novels too.
not  fair that  i am relishing in all this amusement.   here's something for you too :D
awesome work!!! haven't made up my mind whether i like the front or the back better .

a question: do you find the links more readable/linkable now or should i continue with the regular format?

neki desu
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  1. i like them, sort of like a ransom note. but a bit hard to read before clicking. showing grey on white.
    i love the backs of the knits.

  2. I'm with Jude, on both counts: the backs of the vogue covers are way more interesting than the fronts, and the grey-on-white is hard to read.

  3. Anonymous7:53 PM

    oh, go ahead and blame me. linen does have a fascinating history, just very different from silk. as for the links I'm happy to have them any way. still haven't figured out how to use them on wordpress.

  4. Yup I like the backs too. much more interesting.


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