Wednesday, May 18, 2011

no small wonder

loom view

i can't get away from this loom with such a nice view. no big deal for you who live out in the country or the burbs. but for someone living in the middle of a city with a 1.5million souls it is a great deal to have a tree or two outside the window.

work done

work done, nice fat roll of cloth. if all goes well next week i'll start weaving  the silk warp. the knitted piece was finished this morning and is already washed. still haven't made up my mind regarding problem is that i'm already past that piece and thinking about the next one.

did you notice flickr today? home page changes. seems they're more interested in getting new sign ups than letting people sign in. took me a while to find it :(
the let's fix what ain't broken trend is getting to be irritating.

neki desu
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