Thursday, May 19, 2011

holey grunge

holey grunge

finished. throwing the shuttle and pondering about the color. kakishibu? lichen? combined dyeing or straight ?

today i followed a lady for 3 blocks pretending i was going her way and not stalking her.  i really had to pay attention to my walking pace keeping a prudent distance  and to my hands which tended to fly towards the garment and touch it .
she was wearing a knitted tunic and with my present abilities i can make it. 2 long rectangular pieces folded creating the front and then stitched together on the back  with sides stitched together. one long band shaped  as small shawl collar then narrowed to create front bands for the garment. basically the long rectangular things i can make, but as they say over here with a little bit of story  (^_^)
oh daring ignorance!

 while on the subject of stalking this web page is worth every minute. the most gorgeous yarns and threads to be seen. fabulous metallics, specialty yarns and much, much more. there is a photo essay on linen spinning process and another on  silk spinning process. very timely as we were commenting about them yesterday!  
i found  the place  while searching for  fine linen 30 or 40 grist. anyone knows places for fine linen here in europe?

neki desu
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  1. Oh, I love your weaving it looks so light and attractive. I am sure that the dyeing will be equally interesting.

    About linen, ask these people

    They have a BIG yarn production in this area.

    ps: non so perché oggi ti ho scritto in inglese!

  2. wonderful image of you following the lady, so funny...

  3. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Oh the things we do for the love of cloth! Just try not to get arrested...

  4. Am truly spellbound at what you do with this machine. In another life I did machine knitting and the imperfections and the demands of the machine were what drove me crazy and I gave it up. But you have embraced the holes and dropped stitches and created beauty.


interaction appreciated!


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