Monday, May 09, 2011

out of the pot

from this
raindrops closeup

to this.

the color came out raspberry. on linen, muted and understated if you know what i mean. it spent two weeks in the dye pot and could have stayed longer, but  as i seem to be on a roll these days i suddenly grew impatient and pulled it out.
i like how linen can be steam stretched and holding the stretch. until next time that is. and how the yarn acquires that characteristic sheen. oops (^_^)

for the sake of organisation  i added a new tab cum shop for knits under the blog  header where i will be periodically adding items. you're welcome to visit it for more details about this stole.

moving on
yesterday the afternoon was spent with a friend visiting the rose garden in park cervantes .pure pleasure. colors, scents, good company, sunshine, scads of photos and it was all rounded out with a glass of chilled white wine at el velodom, one of my favorite haunts. the weekend had started with cuban food on friday followed by a great weaving session on saturday hand operating the levers on the table loom. it is strangely
satisfying to go low low tech periodically! 

today i have been procrastinating the winding on chore on the dobby and keep going back to the table loom, as good an alibi as they come .have run out of excuses so i better get on with the task.wish me luck because that warp has given me more then two headaches.

neki desu
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  1. Delicious color. Patience only lasts so long, then you just have to enjoy the results.

  2. Oh, that is gorgeous. Totally a Rubi color. (A friend once said, "Sheesh, Rubi. You totally OWN pink." So there you have it.) Seriously Want.

  3. Great and interesting. Fab color, I like!


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