Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the frugal weaver

 washer from lilliput

this is my wet finishing/felting machine. it's a small washing machine better known here as a camping washing machine! it is a 41cms square  made of heavy duty plastic which holds about 20-25 liters of water with a 2kg of dry clothes capacity.
the full cycle takes 30 minutes, but you can stop and back to the beginning or wait till it finishes and give it another 30 minutes if needed.

the inside drum is made of heavy duty teflon
 washer inside
and the mechanism is almost pedestrian.
a dented wheel that fits into the drum's also dented edge and moves it. it stops itself and changes movement to counterclockwise, producing a backlash movement.

this little friend is extremely efficient in water and electricity consumption and acts as my alternative to running the washing machine for one scarf.
i put it inside the bathtub, put the shower head in the machine and  fill it with hot water. then when the cycle's done i unplug the stopper located at the back and the water runs out.doesn't spin dry, but i can live with that. after all felt never gets spin dried or you end up with a hideous clump of a material.

i bought my machine  several moons ago for around 30€. although i'm not into camping however, thinking of  all the money and especially  resources i've saved really makes me one happy camper. my contribution to saving the planet (^_^)
there are newer models being made. for recent converts that is.because as there are no parts subject to wear it is indestructible, and as long as you have electricity it will run.
as an aside,something i find most surprising thing is that it was made by ITT.
these machines are still going strong and you can find many brand new ones  at e bay.

neki desu
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  1. Anonymous1:08 PM

    What an utterly brilliant machine. I fear I may have to investigate further...

  2. Wow! I had never heard of one of these - I too will be looking out for one. I wonder if they make an option for hand cranking?


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