Wednesday, May 11, 2011

i knew it

fakir's bed

it was just a matter of time i was going to get hit. a few weeks ago while checking my analytics i saw a some visits from turkey and nigeria. first it happened in my e mail server. the infamous  GOOD MORNING MY FRIEND post and the newer version DEAR BELOVED IN GOD. no problem, just trash it and on with life, have been trashing lots of them .but this morning i got a comment here at the blog duplicating aracne's  comment from a few days ago. when i clicked on it i was taken to a weird page in turkey all written in turkish of course. i left the page as fast as i could, but now i'm paranoid. maybe i got something there because i'm experiencing difficulties commenting on blogs.

on the textile life department:
  • the loom controlled shibori is coming along nicely. no photos because it's all white boringness.
  • still winding on the silk top, a few inches per hour to avoid havoc, broken threads raw nerves etc.that silk is inflicting punishment.
  • the silk skein being solar dyed  in brazilwood  i salso coming along nicely.
  • and.... preparing an ai vat. my face is blue  from holding my breath.hope it turns as blue.
the image illustrating the post was generated at clolurlovers. still haven't found a use for it, but we'll get there.

neki desu
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