Thursday, May 05, 2011

did i say woohoo?

apologies for the photo as it has not a thing to do with the post. it does have something to do with the spirit of this blog because it's netting albeit construction.come to think of this it does have to do with the post and i am digressing.

update on noruway no mori.: loved the movie, much more than the book and this is the first time this happens to the lit major here. the book is a series of ellipses and i got lost more than often. being  visual the cinematographic language resolves ellipses well.

the second piece of news is pretty wonderful to all of those who have a blogger blog. go here  to get the nuts and bolts.
but the fun and games is for everyone. if you're a reader here is something for you. you can choose how to read and what look feel you want from the blogs you follow.
in a nutshell append the word  view to the end of the url and there you have it! you are taken to a dashboard with the title of the blog. to the right there's a blue button with a dropdown box. there you'll find the available looks.choose and pick.
caveat: provided the blog owner has enabled it in the settings.

i have so check it out and have fun :D

neki desu
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  1. Bisognerà che legga con calma, non ho capito molto bene. Sai, io sono del secolo scorso....


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