Wednesday, May 04, 2011

looks like a tropical drink

 but it is brazilwood liquid from the pot, where the linen stole is resting, to which i added a squeeze of lemon. fell in love with the color!!! sort of fluo salmon pink. but you know the saying about the devil  and how he  pokes the eyes of his loved ones....

here we go. i thought that  bit of heat would not harm it  so the skein was brought inside and put in a pot to simmer. it didn't quite get to simmering and i turned the fire off. left it overnight and repeated again. and in the process the lovely bright salmon pink got browned by the heat. the moral of the story is clear, isn't it? it's not an awful color, but the other one was prettier and clearer. this one is very much like the madder colors i got last year.

on the home front. i survived yet another barça- madrid the last one fortunately. this year because of the calandar they met 4 yes 4!! times almost consecutively. and madrid's coach generated such an incredible amount of bad vibes that even people from madrid were sick of him. as if we needed more angst . this is me talking about soccer, i who couldn't care less so you can imagine  the  general situation. anyhow for those interested barça won last night and will be in the champion's final in wembley playing against the man united methinks.

after all the deluge of testosterone i needed something girlie so today i went for a haircut. pleased to death with the outcome. and tomorrow i'm treating  myself  to ノルウェイの森  aka norwegian wood
the movie based on murakami's eponymous novel.

let's see if i can get back to work now.

neki desu
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  1. Yeah, the temperature thing is really important with the wood dyes - never over 140F(60C?)or the color dulls. Ask how I know... Glad the football mania is over (at least until the Wembley match).

  2. The colour in the pot does look lovely. Would it have been fast if you didn't simmer it?

  3. Evelyn,
    it would have been as it was well mordanted. i sometimes do solar dyeing and the yarns are fast.

  4. Che magnifico colore, le foto sono bellissime.

  5. a good color, anyway. at least you got that much!


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