Thursday, March 10, 2011

if only


i could have this hair color!  looks like this is the color of the season.
unscoured silk shantung yarn steeped one week in my antique lichens.i still have a lot of extracted liquor which will keep on aging until who knows when.
this yarn is unusual in that it takes coloring, both synthetic and natural without being scoured first.
the texture of it is also unusual, stiff and paperlike singles that when gently-remember one cannot boil silk or it wrecks-simmered turns into silk floss quality.
i was hoping for a more reddish tone but my one lime  squeezed and dumped in the pot wasn't apparently  enough. anyhow i thing it will blend well with the madder colored layer.
hoping to finish reeding tomorrow!!!

neki desu
Creative Commons License


  1. Hm. That's not far off from my current color -- though I hope my texture's a little, shall we say, tamer (and without simmering). And I tend to go blonder come summer, via highlights.

  2. That looks like the end of my ponytail, achieved by too much sun and the occasional chemical boost. My sister is a professional hair person and she disdainfully calls my color "burnt monkey butt"


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