Wednesday, March 09, 2011

we interrupt annotations


interrupting the annotation series to announce that spring is here. don't want to be pesada, but at last temperatures are milder and days are longer. my cervicals are better, thank you. three friends are going to be visiting, i have 2 skeins dyeing and i've finally mapped out how to integrate all those knitted samples into stitch work.there's no question i'm a spring person!


a piece of medium heavy  cream colored indian silk wrapped in plants and let alone until the stains took. liked the resulting texture so the stitching is trying to highlight the texture by creating some narrative, frayed edges and all.
the knitted linen was hunted from a pile of tension samples and i think it works here  with its kind of here but not quite presence. the stitching started in autumnal colors but took a life of its own developing into springy colors.
it was delightful to take the materials and let them all flow into one piece of work without really doing too much thinking.

neki desu
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  1. Anonymous1:56 PM

    I do like the way this is going - guess I'm feeling the spring returning as well!

  2. I really want to try the "wrap cloth with dye material and forget about it for a while" method. Seems like a great way to reuse the wood chips after the first extraction - just roll it up in a piece of mordanted silk. Love the results, and your stitching ties it all together beautifully.

  3. There's something about that rust-brown and green stitching that makes me think of daffodil shoots poking up from leaf mould in the garden. Just right for this time of year.

    And - I just realized that two weeks from today I'll be in Madrid! And the following week in Barcelona... so looking forward to it.

    Thanks in advance for organizing some nice weather for me. ;-)

  4. working intuition is very cool.

  5. Anche questo pezzo è fantastico. Ma se uno facesse una sciarpa così, sarebbe poi possibile lavarla, magari a secco? Sparirebbero i colori?


interaction appreciated!


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