Friday, March 11, 2011

i can do grunge

floating lilies

without much effort and avant la lettre. i'm older than the term, had been practicing it for fear of falling into the cutseyness trap long before the term was coined. grunge  contrary to boro has not to do with make do, grunge is more wtf i really don't care attitude.

funny how  it became an adjective-oh the glory of the english language and the easiness  with which it  can make a noun an adjective- synonymous  to raunchy  until this word changed meaning  its to obscene. merriman cites as synonyms  fro grungy befouled, begrimed and besmirched, but quite honestly i haven't heard those much lately. unless you want to prove something, that is.
now try to convince an english learner the language is a cinch! 

floating lilies- top detailfloating lilies-bottom detail
floating lilies-closeup

language aside  the grunge series development, aka what to do with all those machine knitted tension swatches is  finding a fun way.
dropped stitches glamour,some dyeing and stitching.

and if y'all not already tired of this twisted post  some weekend fun for devout photoshopers: here for textures and here for brushes.
yes and they're all grunge (^_^)

good weekend
with my japanese friends in my mind

neki desu
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  1. Thanks for the links! Sometimes an image needs some texture in the background, I've bookmarked both. Love the grunge work - a new life for samples, how cool.

    The wonderful thing about language (not just English) is how it changes as we change. If it didn't, it would end up like Latin...

  2. these are quite beautiful, looking like they are dancing.

  3. well, i LIKE your grunge. alot.

  4. I love your "grungy" samples and smiled at your observations on the English language, something that has always fascinated me.


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