Tuesday, November 02, 2010

remnants turned to gold


this is a quick post with very little fiber content unless your pumpkin was of the fibrous watery kind.
what to do with all the remains of the pumpkins?  oh no! more pie? more soup? 
here's an easy  one:

  • cubed pumpkin
  • raspberries
  • butter
  • balsamic vinegar
 judge by eye the quantities of the ingredients  depending on how much pumpkin you have

boil the pumpkin cubes until done, but keeping them firm.
in a skillet melt butter add a few drops of oil to prevent it from scrching.
sauté the cubes until tender 
add half a teaspoon balsamic
add the raspberries blend all adjust butter if needed.
add a turn of the pepper mill and serve hot.
you can garnish it with some more uncooked raspberries.

it's a tart-sweet side dish that goes well with meat or fowl.

in a short while i'll  be sacrificing my scraggly over grown hair at the hairdresser  and will go from witch to princess :) here i go!

neki desu
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  1. from this non-adventurous cook (actually a non-cook-cook) this sounds delicious. really. there is new venison in my life (not for me to eat) but i bet the others might like it with this!

  2. did you roast the pumpkin seeds? that was always my favorite part.

  3. jajaja! I started reading this and thought it was a dye recipe! Did you try that I wonder? ;)


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