Wednesday, November 03, 2010

how to be early and late in one shot

 weeks 35-36

last week's TAST and this week's. both funners especially the stitch with 4 names that comes out like a line of little ducklings :) i also used some raised chain stitch with it and i think with a less bulky thread it could look good. seems that raised chain stitch has become a favorite of many people including myself.

on another note i'm on an extended bad hair day-literally. my hopes of turning from witch to princess via a haircut bombed  right in the middle and i was turned into a toad.  i ended up with what is called a  granny haircut. hate it and following  murphy's law this time it will take forever to grow back.

neki desu
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  1. Neki, I have been the victim of that type of hair cut...I call the $10 nursing home cuts...what is it about hair dressers don't they think anyone over 18 wants to have a stylish haircut.

  2. Sorry about the haircut! My hairdresser says hair grows faster if you get lots of sun, so spend more time outdoors and perhaps it'll get better sooner...

  3. Sorry to hear about the hair mishap. At least it DOES grow back, even if sometimes it feels like it never will. I have never heard of raised chain stitch, now I feel like I have been living in the back woods! :p

  4. Argh -- a granny haircut!

    Have you considered going really radical and cutting it even shorter? If you know of a stylist who's good with sort cuts, it might be worth the risk.

    In my experience, and you know what *that* looks like, it's easier to endure a good short cut a little longer than it is to put up with a bad meh cut for less time.

  5. Come on, you will never look like a toad!
    The idea of the short cut may well be good on you...

  6. Can I see you please..then may be I could comment.Sometimes what we feel may not be always right.You might be actually looking like a princess .

  7. The stitches look interesting...but, now about that 'interesting' hair: have you thought of dying it some really crazy color? Mauve? turquoise? Or maybe some very fun hats? Good luck. (Why is hair so dang important anyway?!)

  8. Beautiful stitching. I like the little beads inbetween. No haircut comment.


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