Monday, November 01, 2010

what i do on loom breaks

aizome cotton itajime summer 010

i sometimes dye, others book and other times that way at the end of the day i feel i have accomplished  lots.
the cotton was indigo dyed this summer and stored away until better times. i find autumn a very stitch conductive season, don't ask me why, and most of my stitching is done in autumn. perhaps it is because  as a season it is more reflexive and relaxed. not adrenaline heavy as summer.

this cloth is at its early stages and i will be showing its progress. the words were stitched in chain stitch creating a very natural handwriting. have you too found that writing on the computer has altered your handwriting?

 those of you of a certain age do you remember the song volare?there was also a  rock  of some sort version by bobby rydell. so anyway  nel blu dipinto di blu.....( up in the sky painted blue)
aracne please correct!!!

neki desu
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  1. oh, very cool. i spend at least an hour a day actually writing so i don't lose it.

  2. Whatever your reasons for doing it, thank you. "Volare" (the Bobby Rydell version) was a favorite of my Mom and when she got to the chorus we would all chime in like a pack of howling dogs. This made me smile so early in the day. Good sign.

  3. this is great. i really really like it!

  4. I have been away for awhile and missed reading your interesting posts. I will be watching this piece progress with interest. I'm afraid you have given me a bug. Not a flu bug, but a 'must learn natural dyeing' bug. This may take awhile.

  5. Ok I have to confess that I remember Dean Martin singing this.

  6. Anonymous11:34 AM

    wonderful song and even better interpretation, Neki! stitching in the autumn makes sense, it's a time to go inside ourselves, reflect on what is essential and of value to us, let go of what we don't need anymore, like the trees let go of their leaves, and of hope knowing that there will be spring and a time for fresh leaves again...I too come in in the autumn, stitcht and start felting again, lovely :-)



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