Wednesday, October 27, 2010

too much excitement chez moi

dyed and textured

                                                                   high drama

i'll start with the lesson learned  first and proceed backwards: don't throw away your boiled chestnut water.
two days ago i boiled some chestnuts to make my take on kuri gohan. the water had a nice woody color and i thought to give it a go and see what happened. luckily i had an alum mordanted  hirakami silk skein from which i warped 20 ends and dunked them in the water.i simmered the threads for an hour and i got this fool proof color
 actual colors, notice the texture of the hirakami silk
 which combines heavenly with my next warp.

this morning while taking the photo i thought about being redundant and using the photo of  the fabric i'm weaving as a textured background for the yarn photo. you can see the resulting photo above. in my quest against scattering it is very  promising to be able to use weaving as photo textures.

not bad for starters. over morning coffee the gadgeteer in me found out the perfect alibi to shell some dosh and make steve jobs even  richer. i had been resisting the i phone spiel on principle.but after reading this i made up my mind to want one(link via purple podded pea ) apparently it's a trend for the trendy and artsy if you dare call david hockney that.

and to swathe all this adrenaline in clothing the weaving is coming along just dandy. dare i ask for more?

neki desu
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  1. walnut is so amazing.
    a trend to be trendy, not that is just right.
    and that recipe sounds just right fro today.

  2. That's amazing! Chestnuts... wow! Not that i am going to find of those around here. What a beautiful color!
    Hugs Catherine




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