Tuesday, October 26, 2010

of crepes and dithers


crepe weaves are subtle, understated and very elegant. ask oelsner, who has pages upon pages of them.
however i find that they do not work when the weft is a  different color. in the quest for a shibui fabric for a top i came across the dither concept using color as a springboard. the drafts i made using my murasaki dye  colors were very appealing  and i knew they would weave into a nice fabric.
dithers pointed  the way to go. as i see it  dithers can be effective using  a different colored weft and they solve the color issue i find  in crepes.

sampling -hear, hear cally booker :)- image above although the photo's on the crummy side. the weft is a light tan and it has almost all the numbers for an after woven dye perk up.but i am pleased with the subtle visual texture the banding does not exist(uneven beating due  to wonky tension). now you know the reason for  the sample! and i'm already in business weaving.

but this is not all about me,me,me. here is a beautiful photo essay about block printing . enjoy!

neki desu
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  1. i remember these when i worked for mill, i had a favorite 8 harness crepe, i should go dig it up. always was disturbed by the patterning in most of them. i think i have some of the indigo samples. gosh, i really need to organize my weaving stuff...

    loved the block printing.

  2. Hey Neki,
    You know what, no matter how many times I add you to my blogs I follow list, your posts just never appear! And then I drop by and find I've missed so much!

    Oh, so you found the Artnlight wood blocks too? HEAVEN!!! I thought the ones with metal were really cool, Hmmm, never thought of trying that approach! Might be fun!

    Anyway, just wanted to say that, although I rarely leave a comment ('coz I never see when you post!) and although I don't understand the weaver speak, I always enjoy seeing what marvels you're working on, oh-ing at your dye results, and reading and wondering what it's all about!;)

    Torrential rain here. Hope Spain is warmer!

  3. It's going to be beautiful! Whether or not you overdye, the texture is lovely.

  4. I am SO happy to see this fabric, you have no idea!

  5. You sampled!! I love it - the visual texture is mesmerising.


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