Monday, October 25, 2010

mega catch up

mega catch up2
TAST catch up

here's a month's worth-give or take- of TAST stitches.did not experiment too much with each stitch as time has not been on my side. however the individual raised chain stitches come from an idea found at quieter moments the blog of the greatly missed Elisabeth Marshall.
i am using it as a single stitch on a project and really like the texture it creates.i t's my kind of stitch, simple and effective.
on the left there is a meager attempt at week 34 stitch. i was doing more de-stitching than stitching therefore  it will have to wait till better times. put it down to mull like i did with bullion stitch. and now bullion and i are friends :)

on another note, just found the new-to me- caption application.DUH!

neki desu
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  1. captioning is nice.

  2. you know sooo much more about blogger than, say, me...

  3. Neki, you have been busy..I like the way your stitches are positioned they just seem to be right to the eye...well to my poor old eye anyway. These could be the colours of a feiry sunset or sunrise.

    I's some catching up to do also


interaction appreciated!


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