Wednesday, September 29, 2010

totemo murasaki ne!


yesterday i checked the steeping murasaki and was totally disappointed with the color of the water. it was yellowish brown with no hint of the beautiful purple. having read in the natural dyes lists about  using alcohol for extracting dyes i thought i had nothing to lose by trying. after all sandra rude is an advocate of the method  and she gets gorgeous colors from wood chips.
it was like magic. as soon as the alcohol touched the root chips the liquid started getting purple.this time i'm going to get purple, not like last time.  
here  you can read about the different shades of purple and their names in japanese. 
note the difference between edo and kyoto colors both tremendously iki in their own way
i'd be elated with anyone except fujiro. done that one already!

turning a page. today there's a general strike here. strange to see my street, a busy cross town street empty and silent at 11 a.m.

neki desu
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  1. I'm so glad the alcohol method worked! Can't wait to see the color it makes on fiber.

  2. So enticing, that tiny drop!

    Don Pantalones said the general strike was "much ado about little" in Madrid...


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