Thursday, September 30, 2010

oh elation!oh rapture!

dye water

the alcohol steeped chips with distilled water gave me this interesting is not transparent and has an almost  solid translucent quality. ok.ok., the photo has some added texture, but the color is right.

first dip

 the silk skein was scoured and while still wet dipped for 30 minutes +/- in ash lye water. then dyed for 45 minutes starting on cold and slowly rising the temperature without letting it boil. then cooled in the liquid and then hung outside to dry.
i was gratified this morning with the color it took. ouchiiro!!.
dipped the skein in ash lye water  again and will do a second dip today. meanwhile i'm mordanting a skein of very textured silk with alum and will use the murasaki liquid in the other jar.

what i've learned so far:
  • alcohol extracts much purer color than water soak.
  • it also extracts more color than water so it is more cost/time effective.
  •  color extraction with water gives a lot of yellowish- brown color. the purple coloring matter tends to stick to the container so it is wasted.
i think i'm going to devout time to murasakizome.i could become a specialist as  it is much less frustrating than indigo. i can't imagine myself becoming a specialist on something, the ever jack of all trades :D

neki desu
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  1. this is still the gromwell? (i'm too tired to check) very cool.

  2. This is a nice color!

  3. That's an astonishing colour, very ethereal. And Jacks have way more fun!

  4. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Beautiful colour. Interesting about the alcohol extracting. I wonder if this is true with other plant materials.

  5. interesting work !

  6. I am overawed by these techniques and your interesting.


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