Tuesday, June 29, 2010

those were the days oh yes!


when you could walk on a plane with long pointy objects without being pinned down and accused of terrorism. i bought  various sets of shinshi when i was in japan and being relatively fragile i carried them with me on the plane.
at that time i wasn't doing as much dyeing as i'm presently doing. but being of the you never know mentality i went ahead and bought some sets. have not regretted it, on the contrary. ahh, the joy of having the adequate tools!

shinshi are made of bamboo with a metal point at each end. they are used to stretch the fabric taut so that you can paint it without creating puddles of paint. that's the official use. however, i've used them successfully to stretch and block handwoven fabric as per tenter hooks and now for knits. what can i say? they are beautiful in their simplicity, portability and efficiency.

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neki desu 
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  1. these are just

  2. Yes, the right tools for the job - what a joy. I see you've got your apostrophe back :-)


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