Wednesday, June 30, 2010

quick! i need another life

at the risk of sounding like a professional dabber i'm doing some aizome, knitting with my newly refurbished perfectly functioning knitting machine, learning some more stitches with TAST  going on with my accordion books project and  really getting into ps actions. in other words turning nice (excuse me) photos into wow.

i should be creating my own actions by now, but i'd need another life because i have not even mentioned weaving which is my main job nor animation and fractals which are my hobbies.
instead i've found crafty and incredibly generous people who do the work. through rita  i also discovered skeletal mess and his textures.
i just  work with what they've created. the photos are mine and only mine.

on the other hand and creating the setting for an impeccable excuse, because i tend to be obsessive i work at whatever i'm interested in very intensely. this gives me a level of knowledge that is not shallow as in a dabber, but it's not as deep as one who has devoted all the time to just one pursuit and has become a specialist.
after all, i taught myself how to warp, with the priceless help of the late cay garrett and her book and lots and lots of yarn. 
having achieved that gave me the  chutzpa  to pursue whatever i chose jumping right into it and studying until my elbows went literally i did with cooking.

arrogance? no, just ignorance. ♣ ♣

neki desu
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  1. none lives. i need 9.

  2. i doubt anyone could count you as a dabbler. the aizome has me wondering how my vats are...
    and the photoshop links are enticing. that stuff can just eat my day up like crazy. nice to know someone else is willing to tutor us.


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