Monday, June 28, 2010

a bit late but just in time

linen shawl

the knitting machine refurbishing worked well.the sponge was changed and a deep cleaning was carried out.the machine is working very well now. self control is in order, first a simple, basic knit. ultra thin  unbleached linen singles made it interesting. it  came out with one big mistake and a few minor ones, not complaining! it is soft, and after blocking and  a pressing it has a nice sheen. wanted to drop it in the indigo vat, which by the way is working like a dream come true, but i am hesitating as it could dye towards the green as the unbleached color has yellow undertones. i only hope my fairy godmother is reading this, she would have a chuckle.

i have already started a more ambitious project to be worked during the mornings while the sun heats the vat on the terrace.this one is silk doupioni using the tuck application?  and this one will be aizomed.
speaking of which the cotton itajimes are coming along fine and a silk scarf is already finished and curing.

and something happened to this bloody keyboard because all the keys got changed and it is a pain typing. note the lack of contractions. perhaps something happened during the last update. going into the innards now.

neki desu
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  1. My firmly held belief is that *any* color you get from an indigo vat is intrinsically a gorgeous color. Go for it!

  2. As a newbie to machine knitting it looks like a difficult yarn you chose to work with. :)
    Go for it with the indigo - it will look wonderful.

  3. This is breathtaking in its natural state. Just my personal prejudice.


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