Friday, June 25, 2010

really this and that

sword sitch

a perfect day yesterday. beautiful weather and being a holiday it could be enjoyed. great relaxing breakfast at a lovely art deco caf around the corner from my place where you can still have the perfect petit crême and butter croissants along with the morning papers. some time to practice the sword stitch and actually finish this week's TASTi'm early!! for a change.
dinner at a restaurant we've been trying to get a table from time  immemorial , lucking  out yesterday.
good food, better wine and best; nice and quiet, as everyone is away at the beach for the 4 day weekend of st. john, sao joao, san juan, san giovanni, sant joan, one of the biggies.

and today i find that flickr is making changes. the sucker that i am was instantly wooed with the take me to the future link. i mean who wouldn't want that? the only caveat is that photos being bigger now are easier to nick even if you have all kinds of restrictions.we'll see how it goes, in the meantime i'm in the future :)

 neki desu
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  1. we-ll you're in the future from here, now--

  2. i'm in the future too - not sure what I think yet... All mine have creative commons licence so people can nick them anyway!


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