Friday, May 14, 2010



it's already in the mail so i can post about it. the end of the linen warp happened like this, a set of linked coincidences.linen and letters and surface design and friends and friendship.the outcome is no big deal, but its a work of love.

speaking of love i am in need of sunshine love. it's been suicidal weather for almost 2 weeks now, not counting the local scenario of roadworks, building reno and  city hall referendum on what to do with one of the major thoroughfares . 
cold and rainy and dark , no dyeing and the photos come out BLAH. cranky mood oi?
better be productive, get off the computer and finish tying the last 20 knots of the new linen warp.

and with this   must read i'm signing off for the weekend .
have a good one you out there with the lovely weather.

neki desu view
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  1. oh hahahahahaha. i am such a dummy. obviously not paying close attention. perfect! i so love it. arigato!!

  2. Hi Neki, thanks for linking to my article, I appreciate it.


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