Monday, May 17, 2010

new warp


this is so much fun that it's scary, talk about judeo christian ethics. the series is the woven word, not sure of the title yet and i'm weaving sayings and inspiring maxims. but with some punch as i can't deal with halmarkiness meaning  by that no schmaltzyness.- driving the spell check crazy here:)

moving on i've been thinking for a while how irritating it is to write for google, especially if you have an online shop. you can't be creative when naming your work because google doesn't like it and if google doesn't like it you get poor ranking. you have to spell things for google because google is not very smart. for example it doesn't understand irony, puns nor figurative speech. tags have to be clearly understood and accepted by google.

as a result of that writing is getting poorer and poorer and people lazier and lazier using their heads., albeit being obsessed with  search engine optimization- seo in the jargon.
everyone tends to look at the first two pages of a search query, where all the better ranked unimaginative information is. and this information is hashed and re-hashed numerous times. so in the end in the era of free flowing info we only get the  first two pages of information  reworded over and over.
 however,  if one takes time one can find real and or interesting information and things searching in not so well ranked pages. try page 12 for example.

this rant is because the era of google seems to be waning, or at least there is happened to e-bay, it's happening to etsy  and you tube.
take a look at this and maybe rejoice .

back to the loom.

neki desu
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  1. i totally agree.... keep it small. i love this. are you painting on the warp?

  2. the possibilities of weaving words...oh my god! i like this.


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