Thursday, May 13, 2010

make it or fake it color woes

post prod  color contrast
more like it 

i'm pleased with the weaving, very wabi, but the color......
the color is more like the left photo.but i want it redder.i really want "turkey red" madder. been at it for over a month and the best is this light cantaloupe. i'm aging some more madder with calcium carbonate as per this recipe and keeping my fingers the meantime if i cant get the color i can make it or fake it, photo on the right. yep, more time at the computer with good ole ps.
last resource will be over dyeing with cochineal.

neki desu
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  1. oh, no, be patient....

  2. a thought-is your madder very old? cheryl kolander said it looses pigment over time. she suggested using it within one year of harvest.


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