Monday, March 01, 2010

this could be our project

jacquard -maison des canuts

for those of us yearning for a jacquard loom, but  dumbfounded by its cost this could be our project. an open source loom will benefit everyone in the weaving community.

Margarita Benitez is trying to raise money to fund a prototype for an open source jacquard loom.please go to her site OSLOOM and pledge money. she has 64 days to raise her goal of $10.000. not very much money if we all chip in . if she raises less than that amount she gets nothing, if she raises more she gets it all. 
please spread the news of the project by blogging about it. you can also join her FB page.

c'mon let's get going  and work for the common good!

neki desu

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