Wednesday, February 24, 2010

cling film adventures

decompressing  and just for fun experimenting before tackling the sewing project.
playing with  Kim Thittichai's Hot Textiles book.what  else can you do with ready available materials, namely cling film, besides beads? Ok i'm cheating a bit, also using moulding mesh from crafty notions , but i already had it.:)
one experiment led to another and it was lots of fun. no earth shattering discoveries, but some interesting surfaces came out.

here's a short tute on creating surfaces with cling film:

  • cling film
  • cello foil 
  • moulding mesh( can be substituted for light  plastic screening-experiment)
  • parchment paper 
  • assorted heat resistant threads and yarns
  • iron
  • lay parchment on ironing board
  • lay a piece of cling film
  • add threads, yarns 
  • cut up pieces of cello foil and add
  • cut up moulding mesh and add
  • cover with another piece of cling film
  • cover with parchment to protect iron sole
  • iron on wool setting
  •  wait until cool and peel off

wear a respirator mask with vapor cartridges
work in a well ventilated room if working outside is not possible.
i mean all windows opened

 things to consider:
  • not all cling film is created equal-experiment
  • neither are irons - experiment with your settings 
  • different settings give different effects; however the hotter the less film will remain
  • if unavailable, moulding mesh can be substituted for plastic screening-experiment 
  • try laying the film on a textured surface (covered with parchment)  and then iron
  •  texturize your parchment ( crumple, fold, etc- experiment) lay the cling film sandwich on and then iron
  • consider using a mix of metallic and heat resistant yarns and threads of different grists, the metallics will melt  and add interest
  • play with negative and positive space-experiment

note that the operative word here is experiment, this is just a rough guide, so keep notes.
let me know how it goes . if there's quorum will post another tute covering other ideas.
 have fun!!

neki desu

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