Monday, February 22, 2010

obasan yardage

blue stripe and black
 3 lomo

bear with me i'm so happy relieved to have finished the yardage.and it turned out well after all. i'm pleased with the hand and although when weaving i wasn't too hot on the way the colors came out in the threading, after wet finishing the bands look good.
the fabric is light and supple, not a bit sleazy because of the light fulling. i was extra cautious as i tend to od on fulling and also because i could not afford heavy shrinkage or else i wouldn't have had enough width for the sleeves.all in all i just gave 2 cms. to the cause of fulling ending with 90 beautiful cms.of blood sweat and tears woven double width. never say never again, but.....

the merino yarn behaved quit well without excessive breakage or pilling. i do not foresee problems in the sewing stage either.
i'm sewing a top with front buttons 3/4 sleeves and perhaps a stand up mao collar. have to give the collar a thought. very subdued fabric and garment, very おばさん
there's something very satisfactory in using your stash to clothe yourself. it is like going back to basics.sensei would be happy to hear me saying these things.

GRRRRRR been trying to compose my usual posting style for hours  and blogger doesn't want to cooperate again.
and the preview is miles away from the wysiwyg advertised.
hopefully tomorrow will be another day, right scarlet?excuse the crummy layout.

neki desu
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  1. It's gorgeous! And will make a very elegant garment. Congratulations!

  2. it take a lot of focus to be doing this. i swore i would make all my clothes a few years back. nope.

  3. Anonymous7:40 PM

    i think that must be some of THE most gorgeous fabric i have ever set my virtual eyes on. did you dye the fiber as well? wearing that, you will feel like royalty.
    most impressive!

  4. ok, this is stunning, and the garment will be as well, i think.
    i remember having to make any dress or skirt, and i have to say it was hard work. kudos to you neki.

  5. Just so beautiful. Your top will be very special.

  6. It is absolutely divine! And photographed so beautifully as well!


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