Friday, February 19, 2010

so is life

He was a teacher in all the meanings the word coveys. He was in his early thirties or  perhaps not yet there. And we  young girls from an all girls school worshiped him.
He introduced us to St. Exupery and The Little Prince and also Baudelaire and Les Fleurs du Mal. and Virginia Woolf who paved the way for Simone de Beauvoir, Germaine Greer, Betty Friedan and Erica Jong.
He showed us that a man could be intellectually interesting,  fun and funny and sensitive while imbuing that to the boys he taught at the all boys school. Those boys he taught were at  times our boyfriends, yet  they could not  fathom they did not  not compare.
He guided us to European art films and also rock music and opera.
He shone like a bright possibility in a sexist time in a sexist society. Yet i'm sure he was not aware of his effect.

Then life had its ways.The embodiment of a possible future left teaching to explore other options making a   move, too close for our liking, towards a girl from town. One of the prettiest girls. But totally brainless, a tweet.
I then learned, this to be confirmed  more times later on in life, that intellectually challenging men when choosing they are inclined to choose the pretty tweet.  This piece of knowledge  made me determined to forgo marriage or a partnership if it entailed jeopardizing my capacity of thinking and reasoning.
All of  this comes to my mind as i found him in Facebook.You know, friends of friends.
At first i thought about sending a friend's request.
He's a grandfather now.And i'm older, well read and traveled. But as a friend of mine says it's better to let go of some things and move on.

neki desu

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  1. a very good story. loss...and not loss.

  2. oh, ha! ain't it the truth??!!
    weird how this internet thing makes us bump into stuff...

  3. I agree, sometimes the past is best left there.


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