Tuesday, March 02, 2010

before winter melts into spring


let's get sewing. i want to wear the top before the hot weather sets in. perhaps next winter i won't be able to wear it because i'll be in the tropics-wishful thinking. i'm using an easy vogue pattern that was slightly  adapted so that a stand up mao collar can be added. the pattern is  so old it could qualify as vintage.
i need a steady hand for cutting. why is it that my hand doesn't shake with store bought yardage?

neki desu

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  1. Hi!, My name is Maria, I'm from argentina and i'm new in this thing of using blogs. I really love yours tho so I'm following it now, i would apreciate if you check on my blog and if you like it follow it. Thanks!!

  2. Neki, Your link leads to a dress with a cleavage... you're very skilled if you can attach a mao collar to it :-)
    What is this tropic story????

  3. Cute pattern and the fabric they show sure does make you think of shibori doesn't it? So will you show us the end results?

  4. i will spend hours tying teeny tiny knots so my cuts on handwoven fabric won't unweave into shreds.

  5. the shaking is a good kind of vibration.

  6. I understand the shaking hands. I do not yet have the courage to cut into a hand-woven length of fabric yet!

  7. looked at some of your photos on flicker all I can say is stunning stunning stunning. You are so creative congratulations. Makes me wish I had been born a generation or two later.


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