Wednesday, March 03, 2010

creepy morning


raining again, unlike supertramp this is not cute. ran out of thread and had to stop sewing. there's no way i'm leaving the house with this rain. my plans for the morning were to go across town to the Elna shop and besides getting thread take advantage to the voyage out , get a new foot for the machine and some aida fabric.
i know this sounds hilarious to most of you for whom driving 60-100 miles in the rain is like a secondary sexual characteristic. and i wasn't even going to drive.
so i had to entertain my stand by morning with something if only to be oblivious of the construction noise. by chance  through the ether came a most entertaining (sarcasm here) website. creepy, and i'm using  a kind qualifier.i had to do something with the newly acquired info and fresh perspective of the way thing are going to go in craftopolia ltd.
passed it all through my very own filter because i'm creative(sarcasm again) et voila mesdames und herren! grey needlefelt, puckered, bubbled poly organza on top  and some colored  stitches, hand and machine to give the work a tech edge -why can't i stop being sarcastic?
there's a faint glow of hope given by the two tone organzas and the beads.perhaps a savior will come and deliver us from evil.

neki desu

ps. the hideous  white background in the photo is intentional.

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