Monday, November 30, 2009

book of old linen

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This post is like a photo essay, i had never posted so many photos in one post.
The book is made from the old linen pillow case i found at my mother in law's. There was no way i was going to discard such wonderful fabric, the kind of linen you can't find anymore. From beginning to end the project was very pleasant, it all came together almost without thinking.

i wanted something coquettish and frivolous as a cover and was lucky to find the dotted paper. It was laminated to previously stitched lutradur and the covers were glued to the first and last flaps.
The linen was stitched with white silk thread and i wanted the stitches to be a story on their own, yet complementing the bits of silk shibori.
Retrospectively i see a lot of my mother in law in it. Perhaps i'll keep on with a series of books about her.

But i'm also kidding myself. i'm having problems with a cover for another book and i'm procrastinating tyeing 1200knots :( Help!!! i need a mantra.

Turning a page here. i found that Nehoc in Australia has a Print Gocco like printing kit.This is interesting as the Gocco suplies are getting scarcer. And they ship internationally.
There's light ahead for those of us who are still crying over Gocco's demise.

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  1. oh this is so great...have to share it!

  2. this seems to have a very sophisticated sort of story, intricate lines.


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