Monday, November 23, 2009

still waters run deep


Yes they do Do Wa. Gallery of my natural dye soups. First one is kakishibu which has been fermenting for 2 years, needs three at least.This is a once in a lifetime thing if you're interested in dyeing. Akin to making croissants. Next comes the walnut soup. i'm keeping the hulls in and just adding water as it evaporates. Like having a pot au feu and making soup. Last photo,pomegranates which have been soaking for a week in the balcony getting some weak winter sun, a stratagem so that husband -san doesn't get cardiac foreseeing all the future dyeing activity.
It seems that everybody's involved with the same dyes lately. Sort of a secret sisterhood.

neki desu

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  1. actually it's not just lately...some of use have just been doing what our grandmothers taught us for all of our lives...

    i've enjoyed my visit here
    best wishes


  2. have you tried copper penny dye?


interaction appreciated!


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