Tuesday, December 01, 2009

an implied promise

white silk sample promise

Battling with a book cover and trying to fit it to a book in the impossible quest. Doing things that Etsy doesn't like, like using dark photos.
The rebel in me came out in these photos, too"artsy" to get a clear idea of what they are about.
We all have similar sensibilities, travel to the same places therefore our photos tend to look alike. i'm trying to change directions photowise. Perhaps this blog will end up looking like this other one, who knows.
Anyhow the actual narrative of the photos is very straightforward. A woven silk sample,no scouring, machine zigzagged and dunked in the pomegranate soup that has been steeping for 2 weeks now.
No romance.

neki desu

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  1. i really do like the color that pomegranates give. so soft. i have some more brewing too. an i like moody photos.


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