Monday, October 19, 2009

not a beauty photoshoot


More like the horror. Yesterday the walnut hulls were tackled.They had been sitting, floating to be more precise, in water for two weeks but i have a feeling they could have stayed in water longer given the color of the water. But now or never. i'm ready to call the natural dyeing year over.
i had to improvise a filter because i had not foreseen the sludge that forms at the bottom.DUH!
My drying rack turned upside down came to rescue. Love it when one can get multiple uses from objects .
And now a beauty before closing. This silk skein was dunked in the dyeing liquor and will stay there until it gets a nice color.It was not scoured. Ana Lisa Hedstrom dyes unscoured silk fabric obtaining interesting results, so i've taken the lead. It has worked on this particular silk with both natural and synthetic dyes.
Slow dyeing again, before ending the season. Although i'm thinking about overdyeing one of the akane dyed skeins.And then wrapping up.

neki desu

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