Saturday, October 17, 2009

Taking care of other projects have kept me away from the loom. Not a complain because it has been lots of fun. And as a fringe benefit i was able to use my Chinese calligraphy brush for the first time in over 15 years! Estrenar: such a wonderful word in Spanish! Somehow use for the first time does not convey all the excitement and anticipation of the act itself. Too many labial sounds.

Going back to the loom and getting to the much anticipated 846th pick where the treadling mirrors. Sixty six centimeters woven with a soft silk bourette on a wool warp. My friend Ruth winced when i told her about using hairspray to control the stickiness of the wool. She told me to pump up the tension and and was absolutely right. Of course she's a real weaver who holds a weaving degree, not an impostor like me.
That extra bit of tension adds a minute space to the shed and helps the wool pop down when the shuttle is introduced.
i think my only complain about my magic dobby loom is the small shed. And after years hesitating i recently had husband-san design an extension for it. With a couple of centimeters gained for the shed life will be good and the loom will finally deserve its first name.

Turning a page i still have the walnut hulls in water. Not overly concerned because the weather is chilly, but chilly or not two weeks is a lot of time. Will have to look into that over the weekend.
These gloriously crisp and clear fall mornings with that beautiful mellow light are more conductive to long walks and reflecting rather than working.

Have a great weekend!

neki desu

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