Friday, October 23, 2009


first dyed skein
Skein after two days soaking in walnut hulls liquor.No mordant.No heat. Just a daily stir. It's not what you call instant, but it could be filed under the automatic category :).The silk skein will be cured for at least three weeks and then rinsed.
Came out looking like your most gorgeous Clairol(TM) or L'Oreal(TM) or whatever present hair color fashion.
Found out that hulls can be kept for as long as a year yielding color provided they are covered with water. Sustainability anyone?

neki desu

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  1. looks like my grandma's hair.

  2. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Beautiful colour and it does look like hair. Is this a reeled silk? Evelyn

  3. Gorgeous auburn "hair!"

    I'm about to start some similar dyepots using dyes extracted from wood chips. Best color is without heat, or at the most low heat. I'll be dyeing tencel, but will mordant with alum acetate first.


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