Tuesday, July 14, 2009

closer to the end

composite strata

of the strata series, here's a composite. There are 3 or 4 more plus the ones that are being exhibited. Gosh have i worked hard!i hadn't realized how much work was put into these series as i was really enjoying myself.
There are notes on some of the details at my photostream.

On the aizome front, the deranged vat received some synthetic indigo and did not complain.Dyed with it and came out ok. The newer vat is like a first born, you keep thinking wow! look at what i've produced :)

Now i'm stitching some rust dyed cotton that will be dunked in the vat.
And batching some cotton that i screened with a thermofax screen and preparing my deconstructed silkscreen. All this frenzy because i want everything done before we go on holidays at the end of the month. All that to the sound of the knocking down of walls.

neki desu

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  1. they look fantastic together, isn't it good to enjoy hard work so much you don't feel it to be work. Good news about the vats - looking forward to seeing the outcomes of your frenzy

  2. Gorgeous! Love all of them!

  3. I always come here with the thought that I'll a leave a comment -but when I see you works,I just see and leave - I just can't think of anything to write - you must be a genius,your ideas go way,way,wayyyy...above my head ;) Can I please have a part of that brain ? :)

  4. great stuff! rust in the vat eh? waiting....

  5. Anonymous8:16 PM

    great great stuff!! how come we are so far apart? i'm living vicariously through you at the moment since i am back to the ribbon dyeing for my upcoming show but i do sneak over to the vats once a day to take a dip but am yearning to spend more time with it. i am still working with my first vat from last summer- just keep tweaking it along with the others.
    may i suggest the idea of some itajime with rustable materials for dipping into the vat- it worked for me and will do some more soon.


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