Monday, July 13, 2009

just a weaving weekend

weaving stamping sur,surface design
i'm getting a bit sloppy with the photos. Wanted to try this one with transparent background, just in case i change the blog's background.Been thinking about that, but one of the things that refrain me from doing so is that i'll have to change all the backgrounds from the photos.Don't think Planet Textile will like that as i'll take over all their space that day.
Anyway, crummy photo, but the weaving went great. The warp is coming to an end and that's good because i don't like going on holidays with a warp on the loom.
Some aizome yesterday. The three day rest did wonders to one vat, the deranged one is very deranged. This morning mixed some synthetic. indigo and added it to the vat to see what happens. Can't get more deranged!

neki desu

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  1. Hope the vat has regained its sanity. We don't need deranged vats, do we? Have a lovely holiday.

  2. lovely weaving, very peaceful. Just looked up lampas on google to overcome my ignorance.

  3. I do like this one very much - the shapes, colour texture etc all go together like a dream

  4. love this creative weaving Neki. Your work is extraordinary. I am in love with the colour combinations with the red.


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