Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Last year around my birthday i was doing deco-printing.
The fabric came out nicely and i overprinted a left over square with a print gocco master, my beloved "purinto gocco"that i had hauled all the way from Japan. i was testing fluorescent pigments and wanted to see their printability.

Results: nice; lovely pink fluo motifs but somewhat discombobulated (lovely puzzling word, there is no combobulate).
Or as husband- san, the resident critic, said "it's very abstract (snicker,snicker)":)
The fabric needed a unifying element desperately and so it was put down to rest.Yesterday the weather was hot and dry and i brought out a thermofax screen and tried some more over printing with a there's not much to lose attitude. Coincidentally the thermofax and print gocco technology are the same, so it is quite surprising that Riso wants to discontinue the gocco .

the linear elements combobulate(ha!ha!) the fabric.thermofax
i'm looking forward to more combobulation :)
BTW. i just became a fan of the gocco page on Facebook.

neki desu

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  1. I think you're right, the screen elements do combobulate the piece. (oooh, the spelling taliban just kicked in!) Do you have plans for more combobulation? What about some stitching?

  2. Anonymous6:33 PM

    i like the husband-san/critic comment.
    i just put up an abstract indigo piece on the wall so i can look it over and i get "interesting..." -and we all know what THAT means...
    but i do get satisfaction from making these things and breaking away from the "product" making.

  3. funny how often something good comes out of those not much to lose moments - it's got an interesting structure now - love the layered colours too. Look forward to the next combobulation.


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