Monday, June 22, 2009

who is that guy Murphy?

itajime2 itajime

The one that invented the law? That wonky faint blue with bronze edges was all i got. And all washed out into a yellowy water. Never mind the deposit on the clamps, it's from last year.i'm at loss because the PH is ok and so is the temperature. i'm using a fermentation lye-slaked lime vat and it looked like a goer.
So ya'll bright and diligent minds i need help!!

neki desu

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  1. i wish i knew.....

  2. how frustrating, sorry I'm no help at all

  3. Anonymous6:35 PM

    here's my thoughts FWIW-

    your indigo isn't fully reduced?

    does indigo "go bad"?

    is there "enough" indigo in the vat?

    what is the temp of the vat? the PH?

    when you first dunk in the fabric you should see that the fabric is turning a rich green color. just to experiment, one day i left a piece of silk in overnight and the next morning when i pulled it out it was almost bright yellow! it oxidized immediately to the darkest richest most even piece of indigo blue i have yet to dye!

    i say, break all the rules. push the vat to it's limits and discover what it will and won't do for you. don't be afraid to "ruin" it. i have yet to do that with mine. for the most part you can always adjust it and add to it. start a second vat- i did just to mess with things.

    go girl!


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