Tuesday, June 23, 2009

we interrupt the saga

top shelf book, with a lot of reminiscences behind.

This was bought in Osaka at the Ethnology Museum in Senri Park. It was a crazy day trip arriving from Sado-ga-shima just to see a shibori exhibit. And it was sheer luck because when i got to Shibori Kaikan in Arimatsu 3/4 ths of their permanent collection was on loan to the Ethnology museum in Osaka!!!

As ever when the Japanese see a foreigner that enjoys and understands things Japanese they go out of their way. As i was browsing at the museum's bookstore THE OTHER BOOK (all my readers know by now that THE BOOK is The Woven Pixel) caught my eye.
A pricey affair indeed, but what's love got to do with it? :)

The lady attendant struck a conversation and after a while the regimental chotto mate kudasai
(please wait a moment) made it's appearance. She left to make a phone call and when she came back she told me she could arrange a meeting for the next day with the author of the book.
And i could not stay overnight in Osaka!!! Next day my weaving sensei was opening an exhibit and i had and also wanted to be there in Hachioji. i don't remember very well, but i think i cried.

From that day on i'm partial to this book.It's in Japanese, but the photos are self explanatory.It's a two volume beauty, one is a how to and the other is photos of most of the collection of the Arimatsu Museum.
And it's even more special now that i can read and understand tiny bits of it.

You really never know when you will be blessed with joy.

neki desu

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  1. Anonymous6:18 PM

    that's how it is in Japan isn't it? great story. when in Japan-be prepared to go off track at a moment's notice!
    when i was at the shibori kaitan they allowed me to photograph everything!

  2. can you really read japanese?


interaction appreciated!


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