Thursday, June 25, 2009

the appeasement of the ai gods

ai gods

Thanks to all my friend who did the ritual appeasement dances.It worked! The stirring stick,looks much better than the dyed goods, but that always happens, should see the madder bags!
Think that the problem was incorrect dyestuff to water ratio. i added some more fermented ai balls,and look what i got after 2 dips. albeit slowly,
the color's building up. ai bag
Still cannot send the 7th cavalry regiment home, but this looks a lot better.i also started another fermentation precess to have 2 vats going, like the pros :) Famous last words!
Some things i've learned in the process:
one needs to observe the Mr closely as it will tell you about its needs
  • ph and temperature control are not enough, there are more factors involved
  • water ratio is important
  • it's better to add water every day than all at once
  • the bran for aiding the fermentation has to be cooked
  • all those stories i've heard about the vat being alive are true!
  • at least in a fermentation vat , because it is alive, it readjusts itself to optimal ph conditions
  • it's also true that Mr vat needs to rest
i could not refrain and the photo above is my tribute to all those dancers out there.
Thank you, thank you!! :)

neki desu

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  1. Be kind to Mr Vat, and he will be kind to you. Guess that makes a lot of sense. Happy blue dance!

  2. Anonymous7:53 AM

    good to see it is improving. i've been searching online looking for more indigo dyers to communicate with and share ideas but it seems they are far and few between. i'm interested in knowing if there are any dyers out there practicing indigo dyeing on a regular basis. know of any others?

  3. This adventure is better than any tv show!
    I glad you managing it, though.


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