Saturday, June 20, 2009

panting and fainting


A photo that merits the whole space and very little blah blah blah.This was yesterday. Today there's very little flower, perhaps there was a temperature drop last night.PH will be adjusted and dyeing try outs tomorrow.
万歳 ばんざい!!!!

neki desu

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  1. looks like something melting.

  2. how exciting to have got to this point - it will be so good to see the rewards of this slow nurturing of colour

  3. hi- I was directed to an earlier post (2yrs) by google
    so now in the midst of indigo is it doing? please tell....I ask: has the kakishibuzome aged enough?

  4. Anonymous6:24 PM

    i have two vats going at the moment. one had hana and one does not. both are dyeing well at the moment. the smaller one has the hana and may be warmer but the huge one is dyeing just fine without it. both are nicely reduced. the smaller one's PH is consistently low- have to keep adding soda ash to raise it and the large one keeps going over 12- go figure. keep adding citric acid to the large one. i am getting used to this as well- while i learned HOW to dye in Japan, i didn't learn too much about keeping the vats active. just practicing that myself.

  5. I'll try another indigo dance, and hope that helps...


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