Tuesday, April 14, 2009

one of those big postcards


This was the original plan for March postcard for Calendar Girls, it was taking way too long and i had to design something else with the photo for the month. As you may recognize it was, yes, part of the NEW- aka never ending warp :).
Easter holiday gave me some time to finish projects and start others. And here is what happened to the weaving.

The iridescent blue is somewhat subtler, one can never photograph iridescence right.
And there's a lot of acting on on the weaving. i'm the decider right? WINK!

Which coincidentally brings me to some debate that's going around about the durability of Tyvek.
i think that if you're giving your work to friends, well poor friends will see their collection disintegrate, but friends are friends are friends.
But if you're charging for it there are other considerations.
i'm interested in your views.How do you feel about the issue?

BTW there's no Tyvek in the big postcard so Pat you'll have to burn it :)

neki desu

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  1. I'd say that tyvek is everlasting ?
    And you'll have to explain weaving to me someday...

  2. i am not familiar with tyvek... i mean i know what it is but never used it.


interaction appreciated!


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