Monday, April 13, 2009

the never ending warp-the end

et voila mesdames!

This is like a Mozart symphony.You think it's ending, getting ready to applaud and there is a turn, a coda of a coda and it goes on.But it finally comes to an end .

This is the original project for the never ending warp, a double weave stripped scarf aka the first woven :) It didn't turn bad at all although it has not been wet finished yet.It's been raining a lot over here and i wanted to conclude the saga. As you may guess i am into sustainability and depend on sunshine to dry the laundry.
tie up
Here is the original tie up and it was woven tromp as writ. Lovely old fashioned term!
Now back to the warping board to finish the new warp.This one has been more judiciously planned and there will not be much remaining warp after finishing the project .Famous last words.

neki desu

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  1. so simple and nice. do you do something special when you say wet finishing?

  2. Well, the never ending warp has brought never ending variety! Well done.


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